You will be thinking what is so different about this channel. Well, here are some facts which makes it different from all the other YouTube channels.

1. All the videos are based on the real-life situations and problems. And this what makes it so unique. People easily connect to this type content if expressed in a funny way.
2. The creator of these videos pick up the topics which are ongoing. But with that, he has managed to keep the content playful with his Desi modulations.
3. The animations used in this video are very interesting. One can see a lot of efforts have been put in to make one video to bring out the entertaining element.
4. The language used in the video is very local and it basically defines how Northern people react in a particular situation.
5. The creator has made sure that he keeps the videos funny without including obscene language. People are more connected to his videos because they are easily understandable with a clean humour.

So, these were the few facts which make this YouTube channel so unique among others.

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Most Famous Video- Chacha Ke Phatke

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